It's amazing what you can haul with a Mazda Miata.

I grew up owning pickup trucks. I loved the convenience of being able to haul furniture, equipment and whatever else I wanted. As the economy changed and gas prices went through the roof, I bought a Mazda Miata. I still haul things, but now I get some interesting looks...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dining Room Set with Glass Top

The trickiest parts of this were both the distance and the fragility of the glass top. This four piece set featured carved wood chairs, a carved wood base and a 1/2" thick glass top. The top had to go on first, and I secured it with a blanket to keep it from impacting the rollbar. Everything else stacked and was strapped down. I traveled 119 miles with this stuff strapped to the car. It was especially cold that day, so I froze the whole way home.


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